Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wifey Wednesday: The T word

Anyone who has been near me these past few several months knows what the T word is. And Tired really doesn't begin to cover it. Over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum, Sheila Wray Gregoire is talking today about what to do when you're too tired to be intimate with your husband. I'm too tired to walk straight, so you can guess how I feel about desire right now.

In case you need some help, I'll expound: If my beloved husband was wearing Indiana Jones's hat, made me laugh with George Clooney's charm, oozed with James Bond-esque suaveness and spoke with Russel Crowe's accent...I still wouldn't be at a "Zero" on the spark-o-meter.

Sheila offers some GREAT advice on how to rejuvenate, but really there is only one solution to my sleep deprivation, and that is for Baby Blaise to start sleeping longer than 2-3 hours at a time. Or for him to take a bottle more consistently. So I guess that's two solutions.

Right now the only thing in my power to control is to let my husband feel more of the consequences of this sleeping problem. At first I shielded him from the lack of sleep because he was working 20+ hours a day finishing his dissertation. I just focused bleary eyes on the day we were moved and his new job started so he could take a feeding in the middle of the night, as we did with our first baby. Somehow I've found myself taking all of them again -- mostly because of the bottle problem but also because I want my husband to get more than six hours of sleep.

But you know what? If he can get up at 5am so he can go to the gym for an hour every day, he has room in his schedule to help me get more than five hours of sleep broken into three or more chunks.

Other than that, if anyone has a magic solution to getting a 4-month old to sleep longer, please let me know what it is.


  1. No magic, but it will get better. I have 3 daughters 3 and under, I can't say when was the last time that I had more then 1 hours of sleep during the night and nap are never happening for me.

    I nurse every 2 hours for about 30 minutes, then change diapers our newborn takes a nap and we start all over again. This routine will last until baby is 10 months or so, but that is what our little blessing do.

    My husband works long hours (16 hours 6 days a weeks) So I have to do it all on my own, night and days. But I always find time for him and his needs, when you give sacrificially the Lord always give you strength :-)

  2. wow, I know it's so exhausting. I remember those days. Mine are older now so I do get sleep and a lot of it. And I'll also admit that stages of life change so much.

    My husband and I talk about that a lot. There were a lot of years there that "tired" was thrown out quite often. Because frankly, it's exhausting raising babies!