Friday, July 30, 2010

Fitness Friday: Make Me Think edition

Brenda at The Family Revised must have decided I've been getting too much sleep lately. So she created a Fitness Friday task that kept me up at night, trying to figure out how to write a post on the given topic(s)..."Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

Most of my ideas involved taking pictures, but the batteries on my camera completely died (hmm...might that have to do with Project Life?) and I only got to the store to replace them last night. So I'm going with the "popped into my head at 3am when I was up with Blaise" version. It was all very eloquent and witty in my head then, but now we're back in the real world.

An "old" challenge to my fitness: lack of time to exercise. Fortunately, this obstacle has been overcome by a combination of a son who likes to wake up for the day at 5am and my Wii Fit (yes, I'm still enamored with my Wii, so please forgive me if you're tired of hearing about it).

A "new" challenge to my fitness: in the short term, potty training my daughter. I'm trying the Potty Training 1-2-3 system starting today, with a goal of her being completely trained by Monday. Unfortunately a side effect is that we have a bunch of sugary and salty treats in the house, which I normally never have around, and they are already serving as a major temptation. Which is, of course, why I never have them in the house. Also, most of my time and energy will be focused on the training, so it will be tough to keep up with my exercise goals.

I'm hoping that my developing understanding of how little things can add up quickly will help me abstain. Again, love the Wii Fit option of having a food item goal to represent calories burned!. Also, I started weighing myself on the Wii twice a day -- before I exercise and after I've logged 45 minutes, and I love seeing the difference. For me, this is an excellent motivator to avoid blowing all my work on snacking.

Okay, now we're on "something borrowed". I'm borrowing some wisdom from Geneen Roth, my favorite food counselor and a very talented writer. To stop compulsive eating, she teaches that you must first learn to love food. Stop and enjoy every bite, savor each moment, and be aware of how your body really responds to food.

Finally, "something blue". This one is easy:

In the end, laughter and joy are more important than weight and inches.


  1. I like this post a lot! I love the last one something blue the most! it is important to rememeber who we are trying to better our health for!

    I also love your love of the wii!
    I am currently to heavy to use it but cannot WAIT until that day comes!

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  3. I'm glad you liked the post, Carrie! Your blog and your diligent work towards becoming more fit are very inspiring to me. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  4. Megan!!! You did GREAT!! I loved your ideas!!! And what is this food item on Wii?

  5. Thanks, Brenda! On Wii Fit Plus, you can choose a food item that you would like to set as your calorie burn goal for the day. I think it's under user settings, but I don't really remember. I chose an ice cream cone (190 calories); every time I complete a game, the Wii subtracts the calories from this total.

    As a side note, I've now used Wii Fit for 16 straight days and logged over 10 hours of use! I can really tell a difference in my balance and energy levels. :)

  6. Great post Meg. Yes, as one of my daughter's favorite composers Mary Rice Hopkins once said: "little is much". I've eaten more snacks this weekend than probably the combined total of the last three weeks. The Wii is great. I've been really impressed with your comittment to stick with it and your Rhythm Kung Fu skills.