Friday, July 23, 2010

Fitness Friday: Focus on Energy

Fitness Friday again! And I'm happy to first update my last FF post to say that I am loving my Wii Fit Plus. I've used it for at least 30 minutes every day for the past week, and the games are addicting. Rhythm Kung Fu, I am your master! Obstacle course, I'm going to get you some day...and your little doggie too, haha.

I've read some criticisms about Wii Fit not being tough enough. It's not P90X, but it leaves me sweaty and sore. More important, it makes me want to exercise and it is so convenient to use that it, well, actually gets used. A typical Wii Fit day looks like this for me: get up with baby at 5:30, weigh in, exercise for thirty minutes. Sometime after baby takes a nap, usually when I'm feeling tired and funked out, fire it up again while Aurelia watches and makes fun of Mommy getting steamrolled by a log in the obstacle course. Or looks for Daddy's Mii character running around while Mommy's Mii cycles all over the island. We've made a game out of that, and it's a great way to keep my toddler occupied while I get in some exercise.

And this brings me to today's topic: focusing on energy. A side-effect of the Wii that I didn't expect is that doing a 5 minute game gives me a better energy boost than an afternoon mocha. Plus it's free (after the initial start-up costs, of course). And has zero calories. So when I find myself looking for a stress snack or a quick energy boost, I head for the living room now instead of the kitchen.

So far, I've lost 2 pounds (which is the most I want to lose in a week, since I'm still breastfeeding). Last night I took my measurements, since that's a better way to track fitness in my opinion. And I even took a "before" picture of you KNOW I'm serious.

Oh, and yes, that's a dresser behind me in my dining room. Isn't that where you keep yours?


  1. Megan,

    Sounds like you're off to a great start. I had given Wii fit some consideration, but when a P90X dropout gave my husband his discs at work one day, I figured I'd give that a try.

    If you feel like you've had a good workout, that's all that matters. One day I played a boxing game with my little girl on our Wii, and whew! I was not preapred for how hard I owuld have to work to play a video game.

  2. Sweaty and sore is what you're looking for!
    Good job on losing the 2 lbs this week, that's a good healthy weight loss goal for each week : )
    You are serious, picture taking and all that!

  3. Great job!!!! My girls LOVE to sit on the couch and watch mommy on wii. I wish they'd go play already! :) Oh well, I guess it's encouragement. Glad you are liking it!