Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wifey Wednesday: Easy tip for adding spice! (And I don't mean cooking!)

It's Wifey Wednesday over at Sheila Wray Gregoires awesome blog, To Love, Honor and Vacuum. Today's topic is a dare to do little things to spice up the romance in relationships. I just want to share one of my favorite tools for keeping the conversation interesting with my husband (of almost 9 years! Where did the time go?): TableTopics.

The couple's edition is obviously a good place to start, but all of the conversation starter sets are really great. I bought a set for our anniversary last year and we went through half the cube over dinner; we were having so much fun answering the questions and discussing our answers that my husband barely glanced at the college football games on the restaurant's televisions! Maybe I should e-mail that selling point to the good folks over at, eh?

Anyway, the point is that after being together for so many years, sometimes it's hard to think of something new to talk about. Especially if one of you spends most of the day changing diapers, doing laundry and figuring out what to cook next. (And we all know that you're not supposed to talk about your children on date night! :)

Oh, and when you're done with a set? Pass it along to another couple in need!

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  1. I love the idea of passing it on when you're finished!