Friday, February 13, 2009

If I had a spare $388

...this is what would be in my closet. I have no idea when or where I would wear it, but I just adore this dress. It is absolute perfection. I feel like a queen just thinking about wearing it.

I felt the need to share that with the world.

Now, I guess I should say something more profound, and possibly even interesting.

Brenda over at The Family Revised has been writing a series of posts on women's fashion. I encourage you to go check out what she's written so far on the history of fashion and thoughts on how to be feminine today.

There's one issue, however, that Brenda hasn't discussed yet that my "dream dress" brings up. Once you're past proms and weddings, when do you get to wear beautiful feminine attire again? Maybe this is just a problem for those of us who live in small towns, but even when we make a trip up to the nearest city my husband and I have a hard time finding a place where we can dress up and not look entirely out of place.

A few years ago we had our anniversary dinner at a well-reviewed "romantic" Italian restaurant (I think it was the year after we had our anniversary dinner at Taco Bell...haha). I'm pretty sure I was the only person in a dress, and flannels and jeans predominated. Keep in mind that our anniversary is near the holidays, when people do seem to dress up more, so I was really surprised.

I sometimes find myself a tad jealous of my friends from India and Bangladesh, who wear gorgeous material on a daily basis. Then I'm shocked back to reality when I'm out throwing hay to my horse or gathering wood for our stove. I also think that a pair of nice jeans and a fitted t-shirt can be quite feminine as well as practical, so I'm not really complaining about daywear. I just find it frustrating that our cultural trends have become so utterly casual.

What do you think, ladies? Do you also wish you could show off your full beauty more frequently? Or does the thought of wearing satins and silks make you want to run for cover?

By the way, the dress is available here and I'm a size 8. In case my fairy godmother is reading.

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  1. Hey you were a queen once! I've forgotten which one you were...and usually I'm so good about remembering trivial information that is of no good to me ever again. *sigh* Oh wait...Catherine the Great? Haha! YES I remembered. Glad to know that's still taking up space in my brain. But I guess that means you were an EMPRESS once. Mea culpa.

    Most of the time me wearing a ::jean:: skirt is out of place. However, I did attend a formal dinner on the Crystal Dolphin in P-town. I remember wearing a gown to a Madrigal Dinner (although I felt TOTALLY out of place ;) ) and I wore the skirt portion of my bridesmaid's dress from your wedding, to another wedding just because I could.

    We could always start a "red hat society" kind of thing for younger people! They always get to dress up and go places (I've seen them and they always look so lovely!!)

    Oh I wrote you a novel. Okay, comment done.