Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 1 of Simplification

Many of my favorite blogs are doing a "31 Days to --something better--" thing in October. I am loving the tips so far, on everything from how to take a better photograph to how to live more fully in grace. But the articles that are speaking to me the most right now are the ones focused on simplifying life. Sheila Wray Gregoire is devoting an entire month of blogging to this very topic (check out today's post at To Love, Honor and Vacuum for some wonderful insight as she kicks off the series).

I am very intent on creating a good daily rhythm to live by, and to that end I sat down last night and scheduled my entire week out...not every minute, but in a few reasonable blocks of time for each day. I don't intend to do this forever, but I thought it might be useful to be deliberate with the details for a while just to get the right pace. And I will NOT beat myself up if I don't stick to the plan -- which is good, because with a baby boy who woke up with a cold and another tooth coming in, pretty much nothing went according to schedule this morning.

Anyway, the reason for doing this is that over the past couple of weeks I've felt like I've neither accomplished anything nor spent any time doing little things I enjoy (like blogging). Part of this is because I've been fighting off a cold myself, and laundry and dishes do take up a lot of time...but mostly I've just been too sloppy with planning. I was also a bit depressed over not having the resources to do any real decorating, which killed my motivation to do much beyond tread water. There is no reason, however, that I can't clean and better organize what I already have.

Yesterday I started with the master bedroom. Why pick the room that is usually the last to get attention in a new house? Well, before I could decide what to do with the main living area, I had to figure out what furniture we owned would fit nicely in our bedroom. The room is hardly "done", but I'm really glad that I didn't wait until I had the desk I wanted or could build the bed or buy the curtains or find a good rug or recover the chair.We're already enjoying the new space.

More importantly, I can see the evidence of my work.

Which inspires me to keep this process going. Next up: pretending I actually own storage containers and organizing piles of what I would have in them and where they would be.

Because when my house is in order, I can spend more time doing this:


  1. Sounds like a great idea! It has taken me a year in our home to figure out that I should be working with what we have rather than waiting until we get the "whatever-it-is" to complete a room. Yay, for you being way smarter than me! :)

  2. Great plan!!

    I am trying to do the same thing, create a loose plan, see how it goes. And not get too upset if a day slides off course.

    I'm also trying to slow down and be more reflective so that I enjoy each day more w/o having it pass by in a blur as I rush to get to the next thing.


  3. Hi, just found my way over from the inspired room.

    I so get this. We've been in our house about 6 years now and slowly renovating it, but I'm still struggling with the rooms that are not done, or works in progress, because they are so far removed from our own style that I am loathe to buy things that fit them and that I consider temporary. But I, like you, have come come to the conclusion I must start doing what I can with the house now for my own sanity.

    I devised a loos plan myself earlier in the year and it does help, so good luk with yours!

    Sorry, I'm rambling, hope it made sense!

  4. Can I just say that I love your miniature Eiffel tower? I do, I love it!
    (also please tell me that IS the Eiffel tower...)

  5. Jodi - Yes, that IS the Eiffel tower! At least, our little version of it. As Jon says, the advantage of ours is that you don't have to pay to take an elevator to the top. :)

    Jeanine and Carin -- Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! You're welcome to come by and ramble any time.

    Lauralee -- It was inspiration, not smarts ;-). Good to hear from you! I hope all is going beautifully in the St. Clair household.