Tuesday, October 5, 2010

15 minutes to a simpler...mantel

Over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum, Sheila issued a challenge to find an area of your home to declutter in 15 minutes. Although I had many options, I chose the mantel/bookcase area on our tv wall in the living room. Mostly because the other areas that popped into my head would require more than the allotted time...haha.

Here's the before:

Yes, the glass vases have been sitting there with paper in them since we moved. In June. A lot of the Wii gear was just scattered around the mantel, and someone has been forgetting to hand already viewed movies back to Aurelia when she picks out a new one. Oops.

And the after:
 I put the less-used Wii gear in a box under the Wii remotes, the movies back in their homes and moved some of the movies down into the cabinets in the white bookshelves. I'm not in love with the flower to the left of the vcr, but something needs to go there to hide the wire clutter. It'll do for now.

Okay, so to make the deadline I cheated a little by simply moving the totes of  toys and books to the laundry room for later sorting. Glancing at my plan for the week, that will happen on Thursday. So I won't let it bug me today.


  1. Ooh looks very nice! (Much easier to see on the computer than my tiny phone screen lol)
    I recognize that one candleholder. :)

  2. Hi Megan,

    I saw your comment on the blog "A Fresh Nursery" and was trying to get a hold of you.

    Can you give me tips on how you recovered your glider and ottoman. I got a used one and the cushions are covered in the worlds ugliest color blue (and it is faded). I would love to use it but I want to cover it with a cool fabric. I cannot sew and have no idea how to do this. Any tips or advice?

    Thank you so much! Your stuff looks great!!

  3. Jenny -- I'd love to tell you how to recover it! In fact, I'll do a photo tutorial this week :). All you'll need is a staple gun, staples and a sturdy piece of fabric a couple of inches larger in every direction than your ottoman.