Thursday, November 4, 2010

Needed: One Perpetual Energy Machine

I often joke with my husband that a stay-at-home-mom's job in a nutshell is to combat the massive amount of entropy generated by her children. You know, "Super Pickerupper" versus the archvillain "What's That Do?" and her sidekick "Mr. Poopy Pants".

Well, I don't know what's happened this past week, but entropy is getting the better of me. Maybe it's because we haven't been able to go for our pre-naptime walks or perhaps we're still recovering from the sugar high of Sunday night's fall festival. For whatever reason, my toddler is beating me when it comes to naptime (again).

As a result, I've spent far too much time considering this problem: how on earth is someone supposed to find the energy to fight a battle that has no end? I keep hoping that at some point, some of the training I've worked so hard to instill in my daughter will actually stick. After the toddler years, it must get easier...uh-oh. See, there I caught myself in what I know to be a myth. Sure, the battles I'm facing now will (eventually) be distant memories, but every stage of childhood/parenthood has its own, er, challenges. I'm going to be battling on behalf of my children (even when that means against my children) for as long as I'm their mother., how, how, WHERE do I find the energy?

How has God been able to withstand His children pushing back against Him for thousands of years? I have a whole new comprehension and appreciation of His patience and faithfulness toward us. I'm also relieved to know that even He gets emotionally fed up on occasion, because it means there's hope that I can be a good parent despite the fact that my pool of patience isn't bottomless:

And the LORD said to Moses, “I have seen this people, and indeed it is a stiff- necked people! Now therefore, let Me alone, that My wrath may burn hot against them and I may consume them." (Exodus 32:9, partial)

So why doesn't He give up? What keeps Him going in His pursuit of raising us up despite our many shortfalls?

The key is Love. He loves us, so He doesn't give up. Even when He destroyed the world in Noah's day, He wasn't giving up on His children -- He was just giving a new beginning and setting the stage for our rescue on the cross.

So when I'm running out of steam (or feeling steamrolled by the planet), that's what I'll turn to as well. Love is the fuel for this marathon.


  1. Nice comparison! Despite my *real* lack of experience I've spent enough time around kids now that this completely makes sense. Just when you've thought "what kind of creature ARE you?" they smile and give you a tiny hug and you can't hardly remember being mad.

    I saw some Disney Princess candy bracelets at the store yesterday and considered buying a couple for Aurelia's birthday package...then I considered your comments lately and rapidly decided not to add sugar to the equation. :D

  2. It really does get easier Megan. Chin up. The battles I fought during toddler-hood were by far the hardest. I have the occasional argument now with my children and yes I still worry, but it is by no means the same as those soul crushing, knock-down drag-out, brawls we had when they were little.

    Age three was especially cruel in the Pituch household, after that it was much easier. I often say it is a testament to the existence of God that either of my children made it past age 3.

    You are right, God loves us on and on, even if we exasperate Him occasionally. We can draw on that and are fabulously lucky to have it.

    You are a first rate mom and even in the absence of perpetual energy machines or canned unicorn meat you are doing a stellar job. I promise life will get easier in a few years (if only just for a while). If not, you are fully allowed to punch me in the face.

  3. Oh, gracious, there is always one kid that will completely drain you EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you're lucky, it will just be one. For me it was the second child but my mother retains vivid memories of my older sister, who never actually STOPPED testing the parents until after she got married. In my personal experience it doesn't really get better until after the fourth birthday -- I hope its sooner for you!