Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clean Home Carnival: The Nursery

JulieMom is hosting the first ever Clean Home Carnival! I must have been reading her mind, because I spent last weekend completely cleaning and reorganizing the nursery. This is something that needs to happen in every area of my house, but let's take things one thing at at time, okay?

What inspired this bout of organization? Well, to start out, it was the first weekend in over two months that I haven't been sick or working extra time in the lab or hosting family. Why the nursery? To tell the truth, it's usually one of the last places in the house to get serious attention, because it is almost exclusively used for sleeping, and with the lights turned off and the closet door closed, who would know or care that I had a ton of stuff shoved wherever it would fit? But I had a Starbucks/shopping date on Monday with a local mom I occasionally buy lots of clothes from (her daughter is now about 5 years old). I needed to know what we already had in the next couple of sizes so we wouldn't end up with twenty pairs of shorts and no tops. We're into modesty around here, you know?

Still, I probably just would have gone through the two bags of "too big" clothes except for the fact that we were all stuck inside due to nasty, depressing weather, and Aurelia was getting ancy-pantsy. So I figured there wasn't going to be a better time to just pull everything out of the closet and organize it all -- Aurelia gleefully helped, and we were all happy. Me because the room was organized and the monkey because she got to play with her old, way-too-small shoes.

The end result: goodbye to two full bags, one full box and two large unused items; hello to nicely arranged clothes in the appropriate size and lots of closet space. I'd take a picture, but Aurelia's asleep in the nursery at this very moment and I have my priorities.

Now, I just need to: clean the rest of the closets and the cupboards, do something with our bedroom, finish re-modeling the outdoor room, pull the hedges, build a three-rail fence around the front yard, rake the leaves (yes, I just wrote that), completely re-do the rock garden, wash the outside of the house, and plant some new bushes and flowers. Let's ignore the barn for now. And the little barn.

On the bright side: it looks like Aurelia is ready to help out with the yardwork!

And she found the first flowers of the year, welcoming them with a gentle caress (so she must know the difference between a flower and the cat).


  1. Wow! I'm feeling overwhelmed just reading about all the things you have to do. But hey, you tackled a big one, sounds like, and did a great job. It must have felt good to cross that off your to do list.

  2. Yay! She knows cats don't deserve gentle touches.

    (Did I say that out loud?)

    I mean to say: Yay!! You did it! And sounds like it turned out great. Your 'To Do' list seems a little daunting, but taking it one thing at a time will make it not so bad. Way to go!!

  3. I always like to clean the nursery.

    It's later....when they are big and have lots of stuff that it doesn't appeal so much.

    But oh, I loved cleaning those baby rooms. :)

    Your "to do" list is shorter than mine!

  4. Good job! Sometimes recognizing what is clutter and what is not is hard. I love reading about what other mom's are doing.

  5. That little hand on the hip photo is still my favorite! Squee!!!!

    Uh-oh. Not so gentle on the cat? Poor Dinger!