Friday, January 16, 2009

Fitness Friday: Accessories and Attitude

Our Fitness Friday assignment is more pro-active this week. We're supposed to "tweak our wardrobe", however we choose. I challenged myself to do something to improve my wardrobe every day of the week. Here's the run-down:

Sunday: Today I braved up and wore a dress that I just loved when I bought it, but later decided was too "fun" for me. I had my eye on the dress for some time at the mall, and snatched it up when the store was down to the last one, which happened to be my size and over 70% off. I wore it once in Paris, but haven't worn it since. Last week I read a quote from a famous fashion designer, who quipped that "The most important thing about a dress is the woman wearing it." So I asked myself this morning, do I want to be the kind of woman who wears this dress? The answer was yes, so out of the closet it came.

Monday: Okay, more of a challenge today. I don't have time to sort through clothes I should get rid of and I already spent my monthly clothing budget on some new support from my favorite Victoria. So what can I use that I don't normally use? Aha!

Perfume! I rarely wear perfume, although I have some lovely scents in my bathroom cabinet. Today I'm spritzing on some "Tribute", from Mary Kay. It may not be a huge change for my wardrobe, but maybe it will turn a few heads in my direction or make someone in the elevator smile. (Err...I mean the STAIRwell).

REPORT: Moments after getting home tonight, I breezed through the bathroom to "freshen up" before cooking dinner - lipstick, hairbrushing, and another puff of perfume. Jon immediately said, "You smell nice!"

Tuesday: Time to toss out the frumps. Again. I'm surprised I have any clothes to wear, since it seems like I'm always cleaning out my closet. Here's a picture of the discards:

Total discards: One holey and shapeless robe, one ill-fitting undershirt whose top has long gone missing, another shapeless shirt that looked cute up until about the fifth washing, and one winter coat that has spilled latte on it from over a year ago and a bajillion pill-beads. Buh-bye!

Wednesday: Okay, another challenge. Today I'm going to add some new items into the standard rotation. I received some lovely things for Christmas that I haven't started using yet, and I have several wardrobe pieces that I put away during my pregnancy that haven't seen the light of day since.

Thursday: Shopping time! I have $20 of credit at Ross and I'm meeting my MIL to pick up my daughter at the mall after work, so I'm going to leave a little early and see what I can get to spice things up. What I'll be looking for: headbands and skirts. (Now let's just see if I can stay out of the baby clothes section!)

RESULTS: Sadly, Ross only had two skirts in my size. One was lavender and polyester and the other was shapeless black. No luck on the headbands either. But I did find this shirt, which I was shocked to find that I liked.

Me, in animal print???

I only tried it on because it felt soft, said Jones New York, and was marked down to $2.99. Turns out that I like how it looks on me. Cha-ching!! (Oh yeah, and I left the tags on in the picture to show that it was new...'cause I'm sure you think I'm cheating...haha).

Friday: Okay, I'm using the picture above to demonstrate my wardrobe tweak today. Necklaces! Thanks to a best friend who makes and sells gorgeous jewelry (link to her creativity blog in my sidebar: A Bit O' Shine) and a judicious hint a few years ago to my husband, I have a lot of pretty necklaces that I stopped wearing after having Aurelia. She's old enough now that chewing on my jewelry isn't usually an issue, so I'm making a deliberate effort to accessorize with them.

OVERALL RESULTS: On the way to work today, Jon commented that I looked really nice, and specifically gave me an "A+" on everything from boots to hair.

That's my week of wardrobe tweaks! *Phew* Tough assignment, Brenda! But interesting.


  1. I like the dress. Of course, I have a black and white print dress that I usually only pull out to wear for church, but it is pretty similar to yours.

    I like the animal print, too. You did a good job with this assignment, Megan. Really great.

  2. I think you get an A+ for following directions for this assignment! Way to go, Megan! And, I am glad you are wearing that dress and found that cute animal print top. See, since I don't know you at all, I think they TOTALLY look like you. :)

    Happy Friday! :)

  3. Nice shirt. (I love shopping at Ross.) And adding the necklace really dresses it up. It really is amazing what accessories can do.

  4. **Warning! A ridiculous amount of gushing ahead!**

    I got SUCH a kick out of this post!

    I LOVE that animal print top on you! You look great! And I can't believe it was only 2.99! Amazing! (how many exclamation points can I get in here? !!!!!)

    And I love your new additions from Christmas! Very cute purse, boots and scarf.

    Down with frump and hurray for beautiful!
    I feel inspired myself. My closet could use another going-through.

    Oh and thanks for the plug! You are a doll. It's funny that you brought up necklaces I was just wondering yesterday if you were able to wear them again yet. You must have got my brain waves. :)

  5. Molly, you crack me up!

    Megan, YOU ROCK!!! Seriously, if I gave out weekly awards you would get it this week! You covered so many areas! You do look really cute in that dress and I love the top and necklace too. I know what you mean about it not feeling like "you". How cool your husband noticed and I bet you felt great!

    Good job--I feel even more inpsired! Thanks!

  6. Love the animal print top on you! The dress is really beautiful too! Isn't it nice to be able to wear accents again? I can't wait to wear earrings that dangle!